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Nov 14, 2009 11:00pm EST
going to be amp latory. he won't be able to walk. >> reporter: president obama says anyone with knowledge of hasan's plans will be prosecuted. lawmakers in washington are set to launch several congressional hearings in the search for answers. >> the american people looked at this over the weekend and said, you know, this walks like terrorism. it talks like terrorism. it acts like terrorism. >> reporter: as the case develops, hasan's lawyer wants a security clearance to review all materials developed in an inquiry ordered by president obama. in new york, juliet hudy, fox news. >>> everywhere at 11:00 starting in maryland where the remnants of ida have left her mark. in calvert county, residents are coming together to try to shore up homes in danger of losing their foundations. they spent another day sandbagging trying to save homes from sliding off their foundations. >>> also republicans say higher health care costs are sure to come under the bill approved last week. that is according to a study they requested by one of the top officials at the centers for medicare and medicaid.
Nov 3, 2009 11:00pm EST
as an independent. now, a year ago, barack obama and john mccain split those independents right down the middle. tonight, those independents went for bob mcdonnell by a marvin of 2-1 creigh deeds wasn't able to get out the vote in loudon county and prince williams county. creigh deeds didn't carry the day today because he didn't carry independents or moderate republic tans.>>> we sort of saw the writing on the wall. in the end craig deeds couldn't gain ground on the lead that started widening three weeks ago. >>> we spent the day with the deeds campaign. marie has more from richmond. >> reporter: a far different scene here at the state democrats party. the candidates are gone and as you can see crews are cleaning up after what amounted to be a crushing defeat of the entire democratic slate here tonight. but the candidates are continuing to vow to fight for virginians. [ cheers and applause ] . >> reporter: a campaign on the ropes from the beginning. the tone for most of election night guarded optimism. but hope for any upset victory sank fast as results came back. the state democrati
Nov 11, 2009 11:00pm EST
appears president obama won't accept any of the options his national security team has presented. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00 starting with the latest on the decision. >> reporter: with strong reservation abouts sending in more troops the president is instead pushing for revisions to clarify how and when u.s. troops uld turn over responsibility to the afghan government. a source says he raced those -- raised those questions at that war council meeting today. he's expected to announce his new strategy toward the end of the month. a huge search for gold hitting a new high. up 26% over lat over last year. the dollar fell to a nw low. >>> a surprise for some tv viewers tonight. long-time cnn host lou dobbs announced he's leaving the network immedtely. tonight was his last cnn allowed him to be released from his contract early and is considering a number of options for his career. he was the longest anchor on cnn air. >>> mike tyson busted. find out why airport police detained the former boxer. >>> sue, another nasty night. >> it is very nasty out there. it's even worse down in the vi
Nov 6, 2009 11:00pm EST
fighting in muslim countries. >> obama, who i voted for, should get out of iraq, should get out of afghanista and not put people in a position where they feel conflicted. >> it's a giant that's sleeping, and what is happening, what our government is doing is waking up the giant. >> reporter: all of this is interesting insight, but of course all speculation. we may never know what really motited nidal hasan. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >>> tonight american flags at federal buildings are flying at half staff. president obama ordered the flags to be lowered in memory of the soldiers who died ated for hood and in honor -- at fort hood and in honor of all who risk their lives to serve. >>> the news is following other big stories tonight. we're hours away from a crucial vote in the healthcare debate. or are we? inside the battle brewing on capitol hill. >>> plus head's up, if you've already booked a flight for this holiday season, your plans might have changed, and not for the better. >>> a very cold night to start the weekend. >> very cold. let's hope this isn't going to continue ri
Nov 16, 2009 11:00pm EST
. >>> president obama met with the. of china in beijing. all aboard. amtrak is getting ready for what it says will be its busiest travel day of this year. the rail line expects to carry more than 100,000 passengers on the wednesday before thanksgiving on a normal wednesday amtrak carries about 70,000 passengers. extra trains will be provided. >>> new breast screening, breast cancer screening recommendations are creating mixed messages for women. a government task force released a report today recommending mammograms start ten years later at age 50 and the group of doctors adds they only need to be done every two years, not annually like previously suggested. the new guidelines also say self-and clinical exams are not effective. some doctors worry women will stop getting tested. >> i think it cannot be underestimated. my initial reaction is one of concern to see that guidelines have been cut back for women under the age of 50. >> despite the new study, the american cancer society says it continues to recommend annual mammograms and clinical breast exams for all women over 40. >>>
Nov 5, 2009 11:00pm EST
connected to mr. nidal hasan. >>> president obama addressed the rampage today calling it horrifying that soldiers should come under fire at an army post on american soil. >> my immediate thoughts and prayers are with the wounded. and with the families of the fallen. and with those who live and serve at fort hood. >> the house and senate observed a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives today. this right here is a statement from secretary of defense robert gates released tonight. it says in part there is little we can say at this point to alleviate the pain ora pledge te department of defense will do everything in its power to help the fort hood community get through these difficult times. u nidal hasan is from here in the dc metro area. his name as some people fearful there will be a backlash against muslims. >> reporter: he s an american citizen, because of his name local leaders believe some will lash out at other arab americans, they have seen it happen before. tonight a group of local leaders is urging calm. they condemn the shooting rampage and suspected gunm
Nov 13, 2009 11:00pm EST
. power wise president obama topped this year's list. >>> the fda is tracking -- cracking down on energy drinks. >>> up first tonight, why the fda is taking a closer look at some of your favorite energy drinks. number five, the fda wants to know if alcohol infused energy drinks like these are safe. there are complaints the drinks appeal to underage drinkers and that the caffeine can mask the effects of the alcohol leading to reckless behavior. the beverage manufacturers now have 30 days to prove the caffeine-alcohol combination is safe. number three, are you looking for some good holiday travel deals? book your ticket now. some experts say airline tickets could go up $5 a day between now and thanksgiving. expects say you might even save more if you travel on thanksgiving day. number three is a heads up if you're riding metro this weekend. crews will be doing track work from now till midnight sunday. give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get to you destination on time. number two is another traffic alert. this one in virginia. now through sunday crews will put the finishing touches
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7